A View from the Easel


My studio is a converted two-car garage. Friends and family helped put up the insulation and drywall, so it is warm enough for all but the most bone-chilling winter days. With the addition of a window air-conditioner I’m good to work in any season. I’ve scavenged old area rugs to cover the cement floor to give a bit of padding and to help with the cold.

I have two separate drawing spaces and an easel for oil painting. Packed away waiting for spring is my French easel. In the back of the photo are painting racks and some extra-large flat files that came out of an architectural firm’s office. To the far right you can see a bit of an old work bench which also serves as a shipping area (read: bubble wrap and cardboard boxes). On the walls I have my paintings, other artists’ work, quotes, and a collection of frames for which I eventually find drawings. I have an old rocking chair to sit back on and look at whatever is on the easel, and in the middle of all of this is my dog, who has claimed the small couch for his own. When I give a talk about my work I often begin by telling the audience to keep in mind that when I am painting, it is just me and my dog alone in a room — and he thinks all my ideas are good ones.