2000 – Catalogue Essay "The Search For Innocence" by Don Davis

At some point, an artist awakens to the intrigue of the nexus between object and environment. It is at this juncture that the line in their drawing becomes a kind of traveller, beginning a search that must arrive at no answers, only edges.

This is the objectivity that Rilke describes in Cezanne's self-portraits - "portraying himself... with the good faith and concern for the simple facts exhibited by a dog who sees himsef in the mirror and thinks: there's another dog."

Megan Williamson is on this quest. Her paintings and drawings are a kind of diary of these crossings and recrossings of her universe. The etched shadow of the Umbrian sun across the fulsome flora of olives, grapes and red soil; the spiny undulation of the line as it picks its way around the acid contours of a hammer's head; these are worlds created in the mind's eye, and duly recorded here.