Why paint?

I paint because I love color and light. Because translating what I see into paint is a puzzle that I can't leave alone. I paint because I love the feeling of a full brush being dragged across a canvas. Because in front of the easel I make sense of a small piece of of the world so I can live with the ambiguities and chaos and randomness of life. I paint in order to find beauty and to show it to others, to you.

What is the light of today? What is the landscape of daily life? What are the objects we surround ourselves with? My inspiration can be found anywhere. Sometimes finding the subject can be as challenging as painting it. I can't describe it, but I know it when I see it. There, that bridge and a tree leaning over a branch of a river, I need to paint it. Or hey, this tall bottle and that piece of patterned paper in the corner of the room with the morning light, I need to see it more clearly, see it on a canvas.

Looking at something and painting it at the same time is a kind of visual juggling. A blue here and the same blue over there gets your eyes moving back and forth between them. The diagonal of the edge of something leads you across the canvas in another direction than the two blues. Now back to one of the things itself, how to make it sit in space behind one place and in front of another? Oh and that painting I saw last week, it is going to help me with the composition. It's good I have that jazz album on repeat because the structure of the music is somehow related to the structure of the canvas.

I imagine that vibrant conversation is happening in the front part of my brain. It's my conscious mind that is fully engaged. I love it. And this is when I imagine the back part of my brain can work without distraction. It opens the door to my subconscious, to dreams, to poetry. I can't have one without the other. Having both, well that's what it's all about. This is why I keep going back to the easel, to be fully engaged, to look and think and see and make something with all the faculties I have: hand, arm, eyes, memories, dreams, songs, imagination. I paint it, then we can both see it. This is why I paint.